lWith the accumulated business experience of our core staff, the company offers a full range of services related to the scoping, development, construction, commissioning and operation of biogas plants.
EEI, through the unique experience of its staff, and its individual approach to each client, is able to offer a range of services to operators which are differentiated in size, nature of business and needs.

EEI’s range of services includes:

  • Advice and analysis on the construction of biogas plants in specific locations – our team will analyze the possibility of investment in the location indicated by the client, confirm the availability of obtaining the necessary substrates for the biogas plant and verify the possibility of connecting to the grid and reselling the acquired energy.
  • Design of biogas plants. We are able to advise on available technologies for the construction and operation of biogas plants – our team knows the technology market for components for the construction of biogas plants and can also contract experienced construction companies.
  • Conducting activities associated with all necessary administrative requirements, such as Licensing and Permitting, needed to launch the construction of biogas plants.
    Implementing and managing the entire process of construction and operation of biogas plants at any stage of development on behalf of external investors.
    Advice in raising external sources of financing and the receipt of EU subsidies for the construction of a biogas plant.
  • Implementation of turnkey biogas plants – EEI has the capability and capacity to act in the role of a substitute investor to oversee and launch entire projects.
  • Full operational management of biogas plants after commissioning.