EEI aims to become a leader in the construction and management of agricultural biogas plants in Poland.

The short-term strategic goal for the next three years is to commission approximately 20 biogas plants that are constructed on behalf of both professional and financial investors as well as for EEI.

Simultaneously, through our accumulated business experience and contacts with Polish local communities and local governments, EEI aims to build long-term stable relationships which are resistant to market fluctuations and will bring our shareholders a stable and secure return on investment for many years.

This goal will be achieved through our high degree of flexibility, which is the foundation of our company policy in relation to both local communities and agricultural producers as well as energy partners. EEI is able to implement biogas projects both independently and on behalf of major energy companies, or in the form of joint ventures with agricultural producers, local communities, land owners or other companies owned by visionaries who are interested in biogas plants.