About Us

Esperotia Energy Investments SA (EEI) was founded in 2009 to carry out investment projects in the area of ​​Renewable Energy Sources (RES) with a particular emphasis on projects involving the construction of biogas plants in Poland. EEI’s majority shareholder is the Cypriot investment fund Esperotia Investments Ltd.

Biogas and biogas plants are one of the fastest growing segments of RES in Europe. European Union policy to promote renewable energy has stimulated rapid development of  biogas plants for several years. Their role in agricultural production and development of renewable energy is constantly increasing and is becoming more noticeable in Poland. The essence of the technology used in the biogas production process is based largely on waste from the agricultural and food industries (e.g. pig slurry, manure, slaughterhouse waste, grass, corn greens, waste from food production) rather than on agricultural products used for food production. The use of agricultural waste to produce energy, along with the energy independence that the plants provide result in small biogas plants being readily accepted by the Polish community.

Seeing the potential of the industry and the increasing demand for renewable energy, EEI decided to become active in this segment and to offer professional advice in the construction and operation of biogas plants for professional and financial investors as well as the construction of biogas plants. Currently the government is developing a program to assist in the construction of this type of infrastructure in each rural community, giving hope for stable and sustainable development for EEI in the coming years.

On July 21, 2011, two renewable energy investment funds: GREEN ASSETS INWESTYCJE S.A. and Environmental Investment Partners Ltd. become shareholders of EEI.
EEI is headquartered in Wroclaw, Poland.